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Stock Your Wine Cabinets With the Best Wines for a Special Occasion

It has been a long week at work and you have decided to spend the upcoming weekend with your family or friends cooking for them their favorite dishes at dinner. Apart from food, one of the most important components for a dinner is having a good bottle of wine or the best quality of spirits and Lethbridge beer. If you are deciding to get a bottle of wine, you need to take a step back and think whether you have the required knowledge to select the best wine. Even if you are not a wine connoisseur, you need to know the basics of how to select a good wine. Don’t worry, we have taken the liberty to find and tell you what you need to know before buying wine.

There are five parameters to determine the quality of wine:

· Body: Wine does have a full body or light body. This tells you the mouth feel of the wine whether it is light or heavy.

· Acidity: If you want a wine that tastes richer and rounder, get a wine with low acidity. If the acidity of the wine is high, it will taste tart.

· Sweetness: Find about the sweetness of wine on the label whether it is semi-sweet, sweet or dry.

· Alcohol: The content of alcohol in the wine is measured by volume. Higher the alcohol content, the wine will feel warmer in your throat.

· Tannin: Present naturally in wine, they are responsible for the bitter taste of wine.

Now that you know the five main factors that determine the quality of the wine, it is equally important for you to find a Lethbridge liquor stores that sells the best quality of wines and spirits. Andrew Hilton Wine & Spirits, located in Southern Alberta is a store that houses the best quality wine, beers, and spirits. They have been around since 1985 and have an extensive collection for you to choose from. They have about 1900 wines from around the world, some of which are exclusive. In addition to wines, they also have single malt whiskey collection in 190 different varieties along with imported, domestic and micro-brewed beers. So, if you live in Alberta, Canada, and are going to host your families for the upcoming weekend or a special occasion get your wines, spirits, and beers from Andrew Hilton Wine and Spirits.

About Andrew Hilton Wine & Spirits:

Andrew Hilton Wine & Spirits is a Lethbridge liquor store where you can buy a variety of wines, spirits, and beers.

For more information, visit https://andrewhiltonwine.ca/

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